Cheat on Exam

To Whom All Spy Earpiece Necessary

Spy earpieces are designed particularly for communication of two-way secret over a mobile phone. The spy earpiece is ready to use with micro wireless earpiece and MP3/Bluetooth transmitter. By using spy earpiece you can listen secretly the sayings of your partner with your mobile phone. Between the GSM-Earpiece and the mobile phone there should not any wires or cables, so no one will identify that you are using spy earpiece. The set of micro spy earpiece is suits well in secret assistance situations such as.

Passing of exams with GSM-Earpiece in first attempt without unnecessarily fill data up your head; in real-time you partner can provide you the essential information through mobile phone or in advance you can record all the essential information on your MP3 and then press play button to use it If you are a lecturer or businessman then you can essential prompts in real-time from your assistant. Must thank to the spy earpiece so that you can’t stumped for an answer in an embarrassing situations

Spy earpiece make you to look positive in front of the audience since sight-read of you speech again is not happen. Your assistant helps you to get your audience in time. Security guard is another place of area in which spy earpiece works most effectively. Through the wireless device you can give instruction to your partner (co-worker) and stay mixed together with the crowd. Even at the most challenging movement you can easily maintain the situation under control with the help of earpiece. For any host of an actor or the show, spy earpieces are irreplaceable. With your team and invisible earpiece you can instantly get help from someone. No unnecessary agitation and no mistakes only confident and successful performance.

How it works?

Spy earpiece set includes Micro earpiece and GSM/Bluetooth/MP3 transmitter. Micro earpiece is the small wireless tool inserted in the ear features with an audio filter which provides crystal clear audibility. The beige color earpiece is extremely invisible inside the ear. Depending upon the earpiece type (spy, digital or nano) it works from 6-8 hours. Transmitter gets connected to your mobile phone through Bluetooth. The transmitter consists of microphone which helps to hear all even whisper. Different types of transmitter available in market such as real glasses, watch, cable loop or MP3 player. The 4 simple steps to use your spy earpiece set are

  • Set up the Bluetooth connection among the mobile phone and transmitter
  • Put on the transmitter (It is recommended to put transmitter around your neck and cover if you are using spy earpiece product just use it as a product)
  • Insert the spy earpiece in your ear
  • Make a call to your partner and hear the voice secretly

Designed especially for secret service

The micro spy earpiece is so tiny and fits deeply inside your ear and no one can able to detect that you are using it. But not to worry since it can remove easily with the help of super strong magnets. Once you inserted the earpiece you can directly sync with the Bluetooth mobile phone and gets the ability to hear your partner’s voice clearly. You can also communicate silently with the help of signal silent beeper button.